How do I select a good painter?

Choose a painter that is licensed, bonded, and insured! Check the painter’s status with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and rating on sites like Home Advisor. References and testimonials from previous clients are another good source of reassuring information!

How often should I paint?

There is no single answer to this question. It depends on the use of the area, the quality of paint used, the location of the area and more. Schedule a visit with Alvin to assess your specific needs.

What should I do in advance to prepare for the painting?

Providing access to areas to be painted is very important. Trimming bushes and shrubs, removing wall hangings, or moving items such as bookcases and dressers to the center of a room can substantially reduce the amount of time and cost involved. We are happy to assist and appreciate knowing in advance if we should include this work in our preparations.

What steps will Alvilaur take to protect my property while painting?

Alvilaur covers all surfaces and articles in the areas surrounding the areas to be painted. When sprayers are used, rooms are sealed off with plastic to keep dust from spreading outside the area. We make every effort to contain dust particles, but it is impossible to totally prevent this in cases where HVAC systems are in constant use, so having heaters and air conditioners turned off during painting helps!

How do I select the right color and sheen?

Paint color is a very personal decision. Before deciding about interior colors, you may want to have a swatch of the color you are considering painted on the surface. This gives you the opportunity to view the color as the light changes during the day and to see how it looks in artificial light. Alvilaur Painting can assist by providing a “color fan” or sample swatches.

Before you select a finish, think about the usage of the room. Hallways, entryways and stairways have a lot of heavy traffic, so think about a finish that is easy to clean. Bathrooms are subject to moisture and kitchens to steam and potential cooking splatters. Ask Alvin for his recommendations!

What difference does the quality of paint make?

Alvilaur recommends the best quality of paint that your budget affords. This is because top quality paints provide more even coverage, are more durable, and will last longest. Alvilaur uses top brand paints including Benjamin Moore, Miller Paints, Rodda Paints, and Sherwin Williams Paints. Paint is only a small percentage of the cost and it pays not to skimp on quality!

How much will interior or exterior painting cost?

Cost depends on the condition and size of the space, the amount of prep work needed, the quality of paint selected, and other factors such as difficulty. The key to a perfect job starts with the prep work. If preparation is not done meticulously, the final product cannot be perfect. Prep can include filling and sanding holes and/or repairing drywall damage along with masking and draping areas personal property and areas not being painted. Primer should be used when painting new construction or when covering surfaces from light to dark or dark to light colors. Pressure washing exterior surfaces before you paint the exterior completes the “fresh new” look of your home and eliminates dirt that may compromise your exterior finish. Call Alvilaur for a free estimate of what your project requires!

What if damage is discovered during the painting?

Any damage discovered while painting will immediately be brought to your attention! Fortunately, Alvilaur has the resources available to deal with any “surprises” that require carpentry, electrical, cleaning or other repairs.

What can I expect to find once the job is completed?

Alvilaur will leave your home clean and ready for you to enjoy. We reinstall plug plates and switch covers, unmask or reconnect lighting fixtures, vacuum any drywall or sanding dust, remove all masking, tape, and plastic. We take pride in doing it right!


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